Our local Burma fixers act as a full-service production company in Myanmar. We have a network of fixers all over the country which allows us to offer autonomous services like location scouting, access, permits processing and general production assistance. We also work with local partners to provide logistics and negotiate deals with local crews.

Because we operate as freelancers with zero fixed costs, we are able to deliver as effectively as regular production companies. However, we do it at a cost a lot less than what you are typically charged.

Location Scouting

Burma offers diverse filming locations suitable for all types of production. Our fixers in Myanmar can assist you with finding the most suitable filming location for your project anywhere in the country.

Crew Sourcing

Myanmar offers only a small pool of local directors, photographers, directors of photography and cameramen. Other key technical crew would have to be brought into the country from abroad. Our production fixer in Burma can assist with obtaining visas for international crews.

Equipment Hire

Basic filming equipment like camera, lighting and grip are available locally. However, those looking to do large scale shooting and in need of more sophisticated gear will have to bring them in from outside the country.

Our production fixer in Burma is able to source the best available gear locally.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Myanmar has years of working experience collaborating with international media and foreign journalists. Our reach covers every area of the country. This means we can help you gain access to your local contributors more easily than you would find it if you were working on your own.  We can also assist with initial research and our production fixer in Burma can help with fact checks and logistics support.

General Production Support

We work as a full-service production company in Myanmar to make filming possible around the county. Our production fixer in Burma can work with our local partners to provide all the project-based support needed. Our fixers also have the experience and knowledge needed to set up simple and large-scale shoots in Myanmar.