As a journalist, working on an international assignment may seem a little tricky especially when there is insufficient knowledge about the country in question. Also, it might be quite difficult to access accurate information whether you are working remotely or even visiting the country in question.

With Myanmar in particular, things are even more complicated. With freedom of press being slightly relative, having on-ground help is crucial.

Our Burma fixers are experienced with working with international media and foreign journalists on news pieces, documentaries, and reports. We are an all-in-one solution for foreign journalists and can assist you in executing your work in the following ways.

  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

Feel free to contact us if you are an international journalist doing some work in Myanmar. You can be sure of a speedy reply and we will be glad to assist you in telling your story.


Initial Research

As a foreign journalist, covering a story abroad requires you to understand the subject matter and know the main characters. Our fixers in Myanmar can help by carrying out brief initial research without charging you any fee.


Fact Checking

The use of online platforms has made information readily available from multiple sources. However, it is sometimes still a little difficult to get the fact right without competent on-ground support. Our local fixers in Myanmar have news sources all over the country and sufficient knowledge of the local media, which makes it easy for us to assist international journalists with getting their story right.


Local Access to Contributors

One of the things that might hinder productivity and reduce the quality of your report is a lack of access to relevant individuals and communities that are needed to complete your report.

Fixer Myanmar can assist you in submitting an official written request to book interviews with local authorities or government officials as well as follow up calls to get access to these contributors. We also have contacts all over the country which makes it possible to get in touch with remote communities anywhere in Burma.


Production Support

Our local Burmese production fixers also offer on-ground support to international news reporters. We assist with setting up production and hiring local technical and non-technical help when needed.



Our experienced fixers can handle various itineraries and logistics needed to make production possible within your stipulated deadline and at an affordable cost.