There is no shortage of locations when filming in Myanmar as the country offers various natural landscapes in form of beaches, jungles, and mountains.

There are also ancient and modern cities as well as villages rich in their diversity of temples and pagodas.

Burma is open for international productions. However, there are still a number of challenges and restrictions which is why you need all the local help you can get through our Burmese production fixers.


Filming Permits

Filming in Myanmar is still heavily restricted, but not impossible. With no designated authority to handle them, film permits are generally a hassle for foreign crews. Expectations in terms of fees can vary a lot and are slightly unpredictable. However, local authorities tend to generally be supportive with foreign productions, especially if they do any kind of promotion to the country.

Get in touch with us to discuss your projects and your location options for filming in Burma.


Access for Foreign Journalists

Myanmar is currently 137th in the World Press Freedom Index, close to countries like the Philippines, Pakistan and Cambodia. This means journalists are not always able to deliver unbiased reports free from pressure from different takeholders.

Press freedom in Myanmar is still very much repressed, so foreign journalists might experience some difficulties while working in the country.  Filming in Myanmar as a press correspondent requires heavier caution than in the Western World.

However, with our help as your local fixers, you can get access to interview officials and local contributors.


Tax Incentive

There are currently no tax incentives for foreign production projects in Myanmar. However, local costs are relatively affordable, although there is only little filming infrastructure available in the country.